PolyHangers #4

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10 Inch Releasable Cable Tie PolyHanger 

Supports poly from many building components. PolyHanger 4 includes a 10" releasable cable tie so it can attach to roofing joists, pipes, and other objects. See instructions for other fastening options. Box contains 100 units.

Benefits of PolyHangers #4:

  • Increases productivity and saves on labor
  • No damage from tape or glue
  • Prevents poly sheeting from falling down
  • Looks neat and professional 
  • Simple to install, remove and reuse on the next job!


  • Containments for Abatement
  • Dust Protection Barriers
  • Construction Area Enclosures
  • Protection During Roof Replacement

Installation Instructions

PolyHanger 4 is supplied with 10" releasable cable ties so it can be fastened to joists, pipes, cables, etc.

It has a sharp, serrated edge so it can be wedged in behind objects.

PolyHanger 4 also has a flat base flange which can be screwed or nailed to many different surfaces.

The retainer removes quickly by compressing sides (pinching).

Note: Do not reuse PolyHangers #4 if the teeth become worn. This can be caused by failing to compress the retainer when installing and removing.