PolyHangers #2

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Box of 100 Units
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Supports one or more layers of poly in front of walls.

PolyHanger 2 clips over the horizontal leg of acoustic ceiling wall molding. The prong makes hanging poly faster and ensures it will stay up during the length of the job. Box contains 100 units.

Benefits of PolyHanger #2:

  • Eliminates damage to wall surfaces
  • Simple to install, remove and reuse on the next job!
  • Increases production of hanging poly sheeting
  • Eliminates using spray glue to support poly sheeting
  • Prevents poly from falling down

Installation Instructions

Install PolyHangers approximately 3' apart. Hang the poly sheeting on the prong keeping the top of the poly just below the wall molding. Complete the containment by taping between the poly and the molding and by taping over the prong.