EZ-ier Clean Mat, Pack of 4 Mats

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EZ-ier® Clean Mats provide the ultimate protection against the spread of dust and contaminants in a variety of residential and commercial applications. As the top layer becomes filled with dust and dirt, the individually tabbed and numbered sheets easily peel off to reveal a fresh, clean layer. EZ-ier Clean Mats can be used alone and secured to the ground by removing the liner on the bottom of the mat to expose the adhesive that can be adhered to most hard surfaces. On soft or delicate surfaces, such as hardwood, these tacky mats can be attached to the reusable and non-skid EZ-ier Clean Mat Base. Ideal for use in construction or abatement jobsites, labs, pharmacies, plants, warehouses, indoor sports facilities or any other controlled environment.

This item contains 4 tacky mats, 30 sheets each (120 sheets total).

Our mats are shipped flat to reduce wrinkles and creasing.


Instructions for Use: If using the EZ-ier Clean Mat BASE, place the Base with the rubbery side DOWN. Peel the liner off the bottom layer of the mat (attached to the back of sheet #30), and adhere to the top of the base. The liner is thin and clear, so pull from the tab on the corner to help separate. Once adhered, pull the top liner off the mat and it is ready for use. As sheets become dirty, peel from the tabbed corner to reveal a new, fresh adhesive layer. When the mat runs out, peel the bottom layer off the base, and apply a new sticky mat using the same method. If using the EZ-ier Clean Mat WITHOUT the Base, simply peel off the bottom liner (as outlined above), and apply directly to the surface.


NOTE: Use of adhesive mats without the Base is not recommended on finished surfaces or hardwood floors.